Versatility and Cost Savings with Juno Recessed Lighting Systems

relaxed living roomMost homebuilders aim to design and build the most attractive homes possible for their clients within a reasonable budget. One of the most important and visible aesthetic elements of any  home is its lighting, and with the many choices available on the market, it can be a nightmare to select the best fit for a particular project that balances the twin objectives of affordability and beauty. Lighting systems for the modern home have come a long way, from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent lighting, and most recently, Light Emitting Diode technology. Read on to learn more about LED technology.

Energy Efficient

The light emitting diode, abbreviated as LED, is an efficient, cost effective and versatile lighting solution that provides many benefits to the user than can be provided by older methods of lighting. Perhaps the most obvious of these advantages is the LED’s energy efficiency. Because there are no filaments to be heated an LED light uses significantly less power to produce the same amount of illumination, pushing down power bills and reducing the cost of ownership for the home owner. When a home is fitted with Juno Recessed Lighting, that utilizes LED technology, the cost savings realized are many times the cost of the system in a matter of months. Low maintenance

Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance

Solid-state lighting systems also provide substantial savings in maintenance since LED lamps can last up to 50,000 hours, over 8 times longer than conventional fluorescent lighting, especially when used in recessed lighting. This is because compact fluorescent lights tend to overheat when used in recessed cans due to the reflective material used in this type of lighting, thereby shortening the life of the lamp. Since the solid-state technology used in LED lamps produces a negligible amount of heat in its operation, they last longer and rarely need replacing.


Juno recessed lighting are available in a number of “temperatures” measured variants including 3000k, 3500k and 4100k. These temperatures areoutdoor lamp an indication of the appearance of the light, with a lower number denoting a warmer, yellowish hue and a higher number producing white light. In addition, one can operate the lights with a standard dimmer to provide the exact level of illumination desired by a homeowner. This versatility, when coupled with the wide range of Progress Lighting fixtures available provides a range of lighting options unavailable with traditional lighting setups, making them suitable for use in every room within the home.

Home lighting systems have come along in leaps and bounds over the years, with LED lighting providing homeowners, retrofitters and builders with cost-effective and practical solutions that fit every home design and budget. The lower energy requirements also result in a lower carbon footprint and are, therefore, kinder to the environment.