Seagull Track Lighting Illuminates Your World

Seagull Track Lighting Illuminates Your World Better Than Progress Lighting

Dining Room Lighting using tracksThe people who enjoy good lighting in their home or business seem to appreciate new styles of track lighting because “it really illuminates with style.”

For instance, more and more customers seem to prefer this style of lighting because it offers directional design that’s both functional and attractive.

“We went for track lighting in our living room to help light some new large art pieces that we just displayed,” explained one happy customer while demonstrating how her new lights can “swivel, rotate and aim in any direction.”

Customers who are looking for unique lighting — for both their home and business — often mention Progress Lighting as their one-stop source for purchasing their lighting needs.

In addition, Progress Lighting customers say they also appreciate the Progress LED products that not only save customers money on their energy bills but help keep their lighting needs “green” in terms of environmentally friendly.

Track lighting popular today

Track lighting has been around for decades, say lighting experts.  However, one new trend is characterized by classic round cylinder lights that are user friendly when it comes to positioning the fixtures anywhere the lights are needed.

“We went for this type of fixture because both online and traditional lighting stories offered us an extensive selection of these track fixtures for our home and office use.  We like the track style mostly because it seems to fit in with almost any home or office décor,” explained one satisfied customer commenting on an online lighting fixture website.

The customer also noted how “the trend in this style of lighting seems to focus on smaller fixtures that may be smaller but they offer plenty of light.  We also noticed that this lighting is much less noticeable; while saving us on our electric bill because we went with green friendly LED lights.”

Types of track lighting numerous

Many track lighting fans say they are pleased with “all the many types of lighting that are available these days.”

For instance, one happy customer pointed to a nice three light pendant lighting fixture, while another satisfied customer opted for a 15-light chandelier with café glass shades that complimented some track lighting in other parts of their living room.

At the same time, there are many other versions of this lighting that is both versatile and adaptable.  For some, this track style is wanted because it now configured to meet their unique, individual needs.”

“What I like about my new lighting is that the system we purchased includes a bendable monorail and also classic track fixtures that really helps illuminate the art work we have on our walls.  I’m able to bend and focus the new lights right on the areas of our home that need this lighting,” commented a customer who recently purchased this style lighting for his home.

When lighting customers view the many track fixture products today, the one’s that seem very popular are light fixtures with LED, xenon, halogen and classic fluorescent lights, said a dealer.

In turn, this seller of all sorts of lighting systems noted how “track lighting really allows you to put light right where you need it.  I think customers looking for that perfect custom track system find this kind of lighting as a good choice because there’s so much variety and style in these lighting products today.”

Lighting that’s sleek and unique

Although most track lighting system are available in a wide variety of styles, many new customers tell lighting sellers that they once thought of this lighting as something just from “the Sixties and awkward.”

In turn, one lighting dealer concurred with this view when explaining the shock on customer’s faces when they checked-out new track lighting styles and found these new model tracks to be very attractive and functional.

“Gone are the days when this type of lighting was over the top cumbersome and much too big in size for customers wanting a more discreet type of lighting system,” said the lighting dealer.  “We’ve now have customers who can’t get enough track lighting because they like the twists and curves that can be created with today’s interesting track lighting designs.”

For instance, many of these types of fixtures being sold today are just as functional as in the past, but are now featured in new curved track lighting designs that come in everything from S-shape to half-moon shaped section to other track lights that are as flexible as a straw.

Track lights smaller and brighter

Also, most of the new styles of lighting comes in much smaller tracks than back in the day when some considered track lighting too bulky.

In addition, one electrician noted that he enjoys installing seagull track lighting because “you can do a lot more with it, such as suspending it from a center area instead of having to install it flush against a wall or ceiling.”

“I like the many colors this lighting now comes in because I can now consider my new lighting fixtures as having the same sort of brilliant colors as those colors featured in the rooms of my house,” said one happy customer.  “I now have track lighting that’s blue, red, green, silver and even purple to match the décor in the rooms where I decided on track lights.”

At the same time, it’s easy for customers to find new style of track lighting since there’s a wide selection of these lighting systems now offered online, in home improvement stores and other specialty stores.

Low voltage lights save money

When customers decide on track lighting they may appreciate the new “green” trend in those low voltage lighting systems that help save consumers money on their energy bill.

One track light dealer noted that this type of “green” energy saving lighting system is now commonly available for accent or task lighting with the intention to “exceed all expectations when it comes to both attractive lighting that saves energy.”

Overall, the choice for track lighting are almost too numerous to mention.

However, what’s common among most of this type of lighting is today’s hardware and fixtures are much lighter, flexible and energy saving than older style lighting systems.

Also, customers say they are now considering this type of lighting because it’s well made and is more flexible for their home and office lighting needs.