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Lighting Fixtures And Accessories

Kitchen LightingLighting fixtures are among some of the most important decor accessories in any interior space. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that in making any light fixture purchase, the quality, aesthetics, design and functionality are prioritized by the buyer. Though a number of firms have entered the field of creating and manufacturing lighting fixtures and accessories for more than 100 years now, Progress Lighting has excelled in creating and offering some of the finest light fixtures. It has also maintained its position as a reputed and trustworthy establishment. The company has kept in tune with changing designs, styles and needs over time to provide functional and highly aesthetic light fixtures for all purposes such as home, commercial, and so on. As a well-known establishment in the lighting industry for home and office decor, they have been committed to delivering high quality products with “aesthetic appeal, stellar performance, easy installation and good value.” Headquartered in Greenville, SC, the company focuses on delivering quality goods by engaging in extensive research in lighting techniques, dedicated product testing and development.

Progress Lighting has been the recipient of prestigious awards for excellence. The company offers a wide range of products of which some of the more recent systems are designed to accommodate LED sources for energy efficiency. The Progress Lighting product range includes:

Lighting Fixtures. The elementary purpose of light fixtures is to camouflage gracefully the light bulb or the tube, while illuminating in optimal proportion the area in which it is fitted. Especially, when it comes to indoor light fittings, it is very important that the fixture not only enables the provision of the right amount of light but that it also matches the ambience of the space in its design appearance. Illumination has a very important role to play when it comes to setting the mood of a space and highlighting its features. It is, therefore, very important that in choosing a light fixture, one considers all these aspects before making the purchase.

1. Bath and Vanity. This kind of lighting needs to ensure enough brightness for a clear reflection in the mirror for that perfect make up or shave. However, excessive brightness will only turn out inconvenient for the user. Therefore, these fittings must ensure the right amount of illumination. Progress Lighting, as a leading producer of light fixtures, have a wide array of more than 700 sophisticated bath and vanity lighting facilities, ranging from classic to modern cutting edge designs. These are made to be efficient while also meeting the durability and aesthetic standards.

2. Chandeliers. Essentially a ceiling-mounted lighting system which has evolved greatly in style and character over the centuries, the chandelier denotes a sense of grandeur. Progress Lighting offers a series of chandelier designs and styles to match a varied range of tastes and decor. These designs comprise classic antique chandeliers to elegant contemporary versions of the same that cater to diverse decors and customer tastes.

3. Outdoor, Landscape and Commercial Outdoor. These lights often add to the aesthetic appeal of residences by highlighting their elevation and landscaping, while serving the very basic purpose of night time illumination. Outdoor lighting fittings are often neglected. In fact, the right kind of outdoor lighting fixtures and their appropriate placement can do wonders for accentuating the appearance and landscape of a residence or office, while automatically ensuring a well-lit, secure and beautiful exterior. Outdoor light fixtures must be hardy and durable, since they may have to withstand seasonal changes over the course of each year. Progress Lighting offers numerous outdoor lighting fixtures in styles such as Georgian, Onion, and Montreux and so on, and in a range of finishes including white, metallic, etc., to meet practically every design requirement and outdoor function. The landscape range includes well lights, spot lights, flood lights and accessories. The commercial outdoor range comprises wall packs, decorative poles, and road and street lighting fixtures.

4. Energy Efficiency. One of the primary concerns in contemporary energy management systems is the efficient consumption of energy at all levels, including the household. This light fixture company presents its energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) light fixtures, introduced to promote and encourage energy efficiency starting at the household level, while maintaining aesthetic standards.

5. Others. Elegant light fittings for large halls and foyers, pendant and mini pendant light fittings, step lights for night lighting, etc. are other lighting systems that Progress Lighting offers its customers.

Fans. Progress Lighting has created a vast number of designs in bath and ceiling fans to meet various design, aesthetic and functional needs. The ceiling fan line consists of ornate and antique finish products to complement grand and classic decor requirements, while the bath fans focus on functionality and efficiency. These fans are not only aesthetically appealing and friendly in design, but they also are known for their high quality functionality.

Accessories. The Company also designs several accessories for light fittings. These accessories include lamp shades of different colors, shapes and textures to match various moods, interiors and tastes. Chain accessories, stem kits, etc. are some of the other accessories that cater to a wide array of requirements.

An industry pioneer, Progress Lighting is a reliable and trustworthy name in the lighting fixture industry. One must always remember prior to shopping and making a purchase that buying from a reputed establishment only ensures the safety, durability and quality of a product—three very essential elements in any purchase to ensure respect and value for customer money.