Pendant Track Lighting – Lighting The Interior Of A Home with Progress Lighting

Track Lighting in the home

Designing the lighting scheme for the interior of your home is so important, not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also for functionality. There are many types of fixtures and lamps to choose from, like pendant track lighting, wall sconces, chandeliers, and more. Finding a balance between natural light and artificial sources can take some trial and error.

General light fixtures are usually placed centrally in each room, either directly coming from the ceiling, or attached to a ceiling fan unit. Accent lighting comes in the form of lamps and various types of fixtures that serve a decorative purpose and add additional brightness. Proper lighting levels are necessary so that the eyes are not strained. You should be able to see clearly enough to perform tasks and enjoy activities without squinting or struggling.

Consider Natural Sources

Many rooms throughout the home will have windows that can serve as great sources of natural light during the day and early evening hours. Keeping this in mind when you shop for lamps will ensure that you cover all areas of a room without leaving one section in the dark. In addition to a ceiling fixture, small lamps can be placed on tables or shelves to add accent lighting. Free standing lamps can be placed in corners to cast light outward.

Use Multiple Lights in Each Room

Even rooms with large picture windows and central fixtures in the ceiling benefit from multiple light sources. Living spaces in particular can benefit from lamps and lights placed in each area. Many family members can utilize a single room at the same time, so keeping each area lit for each individual is convenient and comfortable. Progress Lighting carries fixtures for each room of the home.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchens have many different functional areas, so they need to be lit appropriately. This is one room where brightness really counts. The kitchen is a place of gathering, and more than cooking and eating goes on in this room. Consider the size of your kitchen and how it is divided into distinct functional areas.

Lights placed under cabinets make it safe and easy to do food prep on counter tops. Many range hoods come with a few small lights to brighten up the stove and cooking area. If there is a breakfast bar area with seating, pendant track lighting can add flair and style. Spaces that are large enough for a table and chairs should have a light source directly above. If the electrical wiring is already installed, it would be simple to choose an attractive hanging light. Pot lighting is also ideal for kitchens, especially above the sink.

Brightening up the Bedroom

Master bedrooms can be very large, so they typically come with electrical wiring in the center of the ceiling so that a fixture can be installed. You could opt for a ceiling fan with an attached fixture, or just a light. Bedside tables should have lamps so that light levels can be reduced in the evenings.

Children’s bedrooms and nurseries need to be well lit when children are at play. In the evenings, it is important to provide a small lamp or night light for the child’s comfort and security. Depending on their size, many additional bedrooms will come with wiring for a centralized ceiling fixture.

Entryways, Halls, and Stairways

Although little time is actually spent in these areas of the home, good lighting is especially important for safety. The foyer area is used day in and day out. This is the spot that gives visitors their very first impression of your home. You may choose a hanging fixture, or even a chandelier style if your ceilings are high enough.

Hallways and stairs have to be well lit for safety. A simple hanging fixture or pot lights would be suitable for most halls and stairways, which can be operated from either end by a switch. When the foyer leads directly into a hallway, the fixtures should compliment one another. Spacing out lights every 8 to 10 feet in these areas is best to ensure safety and visibility.

Setting a Budget and Shopping

Lighting is likely not your first thought when you purchase a home, but you will quickly realize how necessary and important it is. It can be used to add style and to compliment any decor. Once you have chosen a style that you want to use throughout each room, you can start looking at lamps and fixtures for each space.

It may be easier to go room by room, finding out what works best in each space. You can find lamps, bulbs, and shades in a range of price points. Finding designs and looks that meet your taste level and match your interior design should not be too challenging. Lighting by Progress offers a wide selection at affordable prices.