Modern Pendant Lighting: Choosing The Right Lighting Fixtures

modern pendant lighting

Choosing the right light fixtures for each room in your home is important, not only in terms of functionality, but also for aesthetic reasons. Modern pendant lighting from Progress Lighting can add the perfect touch of style and elegance to any space. Attractive light devices can enhance and compliment any clean, contemporary design.

Lighting the Dining Room

There are many different rooms and areas throughout a home, and each place has specific needs. A dining room will require a fixture that can stand out and bring out the overall look and feel of the area. Ideally, it is centered over the table at a decent height. The size of the hanging lamp should be appropriate in proportion to the size of the table.

An adjustable lighting scheme is perfect for creating atmosphere. Dimming the lights in a dining room can set the mood for a romantic meal or a late night gathering. Consider the many ways that the dining room will be used throughout the year. A style that compliment the furnishing and overall decor choices will best suit this frequently used space.

Kitchen Illumination

Depending on the size of the kitchen, it may be necessary to have two or more fixtures. The cooking and preparation area needs bright lighting to provide the best visibility. If there is space for a table, it should be centered under a light fixture as well. Matching fixtures could be an ideal choice, or choosing complimentary styles could work as well.

Kitchens with an island will benefit from having a hanging lamp over the area. Breakfast bars can be dressed up with multiple hanging fixtures or modern track lighting. Choosing a metallic material that matches other fixtures in the room will create a uniform look that is carried throughout the details. Functional, sleek fixtures are going to give any kitchen a modern and fresh look.

Foyer Fixtures

The foyer typically receives a lot of foot traffic. As people come and go through the front door of the home, good lighting is necessary. It should be bright enough to illuminate the area without flooding adjoining areas with light at the same time. If a home has high ceilings, a hanging light accessory can really make a statement and add personality to the entryway.

Bedroom Brightening

Many bedrooms come with a ceiling light already in place, or at least have an electrical hook up for one to be installed. A smaller room would benefit from a short, simple fixture. Master bedrooms can pull off a larger hanging fixture, especially if the ceilings are high enough.

Light fixtures are an important part of the decor in each room of the home. Homes without much natural light need a proper amount of light sources in order to create ambiance and allow people to see clearly. The need for proper lighting levels goes beyond design, it also serves an important function in the home. Many modern styles of attractive fixtures are available from Progress Lighting and can be easily installed.