Kichler Landscape Lighting

If you are into Kichler landscape lighting then you really need to take a good read of this post. Lighting for the landscape can serve a few purposes, one of which is to enhance the look of your home. Another purpose is to improve the security of your home. This is an important area not to be overlooked. Notice what the dailydemocrat has to say about this:

Kichler Landscape Lighting

Beautiful garden outdoor settingLandscapes of almost any size and shape can be effectively lit with low-voltage landscape lighting. It’s an easy, customizable and cost-effective way to help your yard shine day and night, year-round.

The basic benefits to landscape lighting include:

Added security: Darkness itself could make your home vulnerable to intruders, and well-lit yards provide greater visual capabilities.

Increased home value: Add instant curb appeal and beautify your landscape.

Easily and safely installed: Low-voltage landscape lighting doesn’t need an electrician or inspection, and, unlike some other electrical work, it’s safe to install.

Flexibility factor: As your outdoor décor changes, so can the lighting. Whether you decide to expand your yard’s lighting or cut back for a minimal look, it’s easily adjusted to fit your needs.

When designing your layout, careful planning can eliminate potential installation issues. Look at your yard at night to decide where you need more light.

While you’re brightening the basics, decide what else you’d like to light. A number of popular, professional-looking techniques can create dramatic and attractive designs. For example, your home’s façade is an ideal lighting subject, but a spotlight could simultaneously back-light trees and plants for a silhouetted effect or front-light them to showcase the plants.

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If you also like to work with Progress Lighting for your home landscaping then they also provide a wide range of landscape lighting options.  Subtler lighting options are available and recommended by some of the top interior and exterior lighting specialists. It can be alot of fun as well to make your landscape look so much more attractive. Notice what Melissa Rayworth has to say:

home securityMany Americans have embraced outdoor decorating, filling their yards with fluffy sofas, gleaming end tables and even outdoor rugs.

But what happens when the sun goes down?

Chris Lambton, landscape designer and host of HGTV’s “Going Yard,” advises his clients to give as much thought to the lighting of their outdoor space as they do to the furnishings.

Forget yesterday’s glaring porch light, he says. You can now choose from a wide range of much subtler lighting options. Many are inexpensive and stylish enough to quickly turn a basic patio into a chic entertaining space.

Here Lambton and two other outdoor decorating experts — Los Angeles-based designers Jeff Andrews and Brian Patrick Flynn — offer advice on the newest, most attractive and safest options for outdoor lighting.


Many indoor furniture designs and fabrics are now available as outdoor items, Lambton says, and the same goes for lighting. Companies are creating outdoor versions of their most popular indoor lamps and fixtures.

Flynn is a fan of outdoor chandeliers on patios or decks that are covered: “They’re an excellent way to make any humdrum outdoor space feel like an actual room.”

But, he says, choose wisely: “To get them right, you’ve got to take scale and proportion into consideration. Install one that’s too small, and it will look like an afterthought. Install one that’s too big or hangs too low, and it will completely overwhelm the space.”

Flynn also recommends using floor lamps and table lamps designed for outdoor use. Prices vary widely (from more than $1,000 to less than $100), so he suggests hunting online for deals and the perfect style.

Another option: Create your own outdoor fixture. Many electricians can rewire your favorite indoor lighting to be safely used outside, Lambton says. “Search for whatever fixture you like,” he says, “then put an outdoor conduit in and attach it to a switch.”

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