Juno Track Lighting and Progress Lighting

If you are into making your home look better with Juno track lighting then you need to read on. This type of lighting is becoming more popular especially with the ability to change the light orientation. It however pays to look around and get as much information as you can about this style of lighting. we have done some of the research for you and notice what Sophie Martell has to say:

Juno Track Lighting

  • Home Lighting can be fun with TracksTrack down rewired and reconditioned vintage originals at antiques fairs and reclamation specialists (try trainspotters.com), or choose contemporary pieces with industrial-inspired styling. The hardware itself is the main design feature – hanging chains, protective cages, extra-long cords and enlarged fixings, such as screws and nuts, are all part of the look.

  • Robust, hard-wearing materials, such as concrete, enamel and galvanised metal, which once graced the factory floor are given new style status with the addition of a little colour or an unexpected mix of materials. Quirky, tongue-in-cheek design elements add a playful feel.
  • If you’re hanging a pendant give some thought to the ceiling fixing. Historic Lighting sells a huge range of industrial and vintage hardware (historiclighting.co.uk)
  • Consider how the material will alter the quality of light. Cardboard, thin panels of wood and wood veneers will all diffuse light and create a warm, muted glow – perfect for areas where you want to relax.
  • Dense materials, such as cork and thicker pieces of  wood, will direct light up or down, depending on the design. Ideal for creating a pool of light just where you want it, such as above a table.
  • Lights made from wicker or a knitted textile will create a diffused or dappled glow. The beautiful shadows thrown on to the wall become part of the design.
  • Hunt down originals in antique shops (woka.com and thefrenchhouse.co.uk have good selections). Christie’s has regular 20th-century decorative art sales where, surprisingly, you can often pick up a bargain (christies.com).
  • This look is all about the wow factor – opt for one-off pieces with sleek, sculptural forms and high-end finishes, such as gilding, lacquering and gold and silver plating.
If you are thinking of adding Juno track lighting to your home you would be well advised to make sure you check out also the Progress Lighting line of track light options. There are a number of brands out there and at the end of the day you need to be happy with your choice. if you liked this post please comment below and let us know.