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Juno Lighting – Finding The Right Solution – Progress Lighting

juno lightingThe Juno Lighting Group has many options for all kinds of progress lighting needs.  This company can fulfill lighting needs in various sectors of the market including commercial, government, hospitality, industrial, institutional, residential and retail.  Not only does the lighting serve its illuminating function, but it can also enhance the décor and style of the room.

Commercial and Industrial
Commercial industries can range from corporate offices to distribution centers, so the lighting has to be suitable to an individual office and its industry.  It should be used to optimize workplace productivity whether in an executive office or on a warehouse floor.  Industrial lighting needs may also include outdoor lighting as well as indoor lighting.  In any cases, these lighting styles can include recessed lighting, undercabinet lighting, linear lighting and emergency and exit lighting.  There may also be lighting for signs, pathways and security among other needs.

Government and Institutional
Government offices may have similar needs to corporate offices, but there are also other kinds of government entities such as military barracks that will need its own kind of lighting.  Government entities may look into various kinds of lighting including CFL, halogen, HID, incandescent lamps and LED.  Institutional lighting needs may range from hospitals and classrooms to auditoriums and boardrooms.  In these cases, lighting tends to be used in abundance, so this lighting not only needs to be sufficient but also energy efficient.

First impressions are crucial in the hospitality business, so the lighting needs to maximize the appearance of the reception area, the guest rooms and other areas throughout the building.  In these cases, the lighting becomes an important part of the design and it can enhance the appearance of architectural designs, artwork, the overall décor and other distinct features used in area.  Furthermore, many hospitality businesses are embracing green initiatives that not only help conserve energy throughout their establishments but also save on overall energy costs.

Of course, a private home may not have the same lighting needs as a commercial or institutional establishment.  However, progressive lighting can be used within the home.  The primary options for someone looking to use this lighting in the home are track and undercabinet lighting and recessed lighting.  As with commercial establishments, this lighting not only enhances the décor of the home, but it also provides a more energy efficient way of lighting the home that is better for the environment and cost effective.  Some options such as art-glass pendants even become part of the décor.

Juno Lighting also understands how important it is to present retail items and products in the most appealing way possible, so there are lots of options that will help customers feel comfortable in a retail establishment. For instance, some establishments may yield better results with downlight or track lighting while others may benefit more with linear lighting or pendant fixtures.  No matter the type of lighting used, it should make the best first impression possible on customers in order to drive sales and maximize profits.