Juno Lighting Group: Leading Company In Progressive Lighting

Spot Light

Juno Lighting Group is a top manufacturer of products that are related to lighting fixtures. The company has been serving customers for both residential and commercial purposes during the last 30 years. The products that they are offering to the market are not only superior in quality but innovative as well.

Characteristics of Juno Brand

Energy-efficient Lighting Solutions

If you are looking for a highly efficient lighting system that does not cost too much in the electricity bill, it’s time to replace your old incandescent bulbs to LED lights. The initial investment is more expensive than the traditional options. But in the long run, the savings that you will get from the electric expenses will prove worth it.

Products with Superior Performance

The products being offered by Juno are exceptionally superior in terms of performance and quality. These are the top choice by both residential owners and business people. Residences and commercial spaces in North America prefer this brand. Progress lighting is truly something that the Lighting Group of Juno is committed to. These lights are not only useful for home purposes but for streets, hotels and airplanes as well.

Leader in Innovation and Modern Design

The company is not only a prime manufacturer of all types of progress lighting technologies but they are also a leader in innovative light systems. Juno designs are not only confined to the traditional shapes of light fixtures such as rectangle, square and circles. The lights that they offer are highly favored by architects, engineers and homeowners. They have a wide range of stunning lights to choose from. These are specifically designed to enhance the interior and exterior appearance of any structure. The best thing about it is that you cannot buy the same style from other brands as these are exclusive only to Juno.

Environmental Responsibility

The company has also established a solid commitment to the environment’s stewardship. Global and climate change are two things that they have in mind while designing their eco-friendly lights. The materials, the designs, the features and the functions are all inspired by nature. Imagine if you could use your lighting system for a minimum of 50,000 hours. That would be a huge savings on your monthly electric bill.

It is the company’s mission to reduce the energy consumption of households and business enterprises to minimize the effects of global warming. By using Juno products, your energy consumption is not only reduced but you are also helping maintain a healthy environment for your children. Aside from the production of LED lights, they also have recycling programs that aim to recycle plastic bottles, non-white papers and all types of scrap metal.

Technical Expertise

Juno lighting fixtures are designed and made by people who have expertise on the job. Every detail of the light fixture including the sleek glass, the sophisticated feature and the architectural aspect, all of these came from the brilliant team of Juno. They are experts in creating products that would complement both commercial and residential surroundings.