Juno LED Lighting with Wireless LED Lights

spot light in blackIf you been looking at the news lately, you will notice some real cool lighting systems that you can incorporate into your home along with the Juno LED Lighting system. You can actually use an app on your smartphone to organize your home LED lighting. Sound cool? Well it is and you are about to get the inside scoop and whats more its really affordable. Notice what Zak Stone has to say:

Juno LED Lighting with Wireless LED Lights

three led lightsKickstarter successes like SmartThings and Ubi–both of which serve to make our homes more wired–show the huge demand for consumer appliances and decor that are just as smart as our phones. So far, delivery of this futuristic “Internet of things” has come mostly from makers and small scale entrepreneurs who crowdfund their new ideas and prototypes. Big business, on the other hand, has been slower to push Internet-connected home appliances to the marketplace.

But Hue, a wireless LED lighting system from the world’s biggest lighting manufacturer, Philips, shows a step in that direction at the corporate level (albeit on the high end of the market). Released last fall to the adoration of design blogs, Hue provides enough innovations to the way we light up our homes to make you long for the days when a wall-mounted light switch will be a techological relic.

A Hue kit–sold for $199 at the Apple store– come with four wireless LED bulbs, a wireless hub, and an app that you download for your smartphone or tablet and use to communicate with the bulbs, up to 50 at a time.

The software allows for a heady amount of personalization of your home’s lighting. Using your smartphone, you can dim or extinguish the lights, even while you’re not at home (which could come in handy if you’re on vacation, for example, and would like your house to appear occupied).

But the real fun happens when you start playing with the colors. The LEDs can shine at any color on the spectrum, and, with a click, will absorb the exact color from a photograph on your phone. Or you can rely on Hue’s premixed color “recipes,” which are tested to promote relaxation, concentration, energy, or reading.

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So is that cool or what? These LED lighting systems are so cheap and look so cool, and whats more you can have a lot of fun with them. Juno LED lighting is just not going to be the same with this new smartphone app to control your home lighting. Try it with a Progress Lighting system and see what you can achieve. But remember to have alot of fun and let the kids join you in designing your cool new LED lighting design. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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