Glass Pendant Lighting In Your Home

Lighting in your home

Lighting choices for homes in today’s market are many and varied. Glass Pendant lighting comes in a wide array of styles and sizes from Progress Lighting, and can accomplish everything in a home from task lighting to ambient lighting with ease. Here are a few ideas to consider when thinking about this style of lighting to use in most rooms in the home.

Types of Pendant Lights

These lights come in an assortment of shade styles and sizes. Generally, the larger the shade used, the wider the spread of light for the shade. Shades made of glass can eliminate this issue, as the light is thrown not only from the bottom or top of the light, but also through the shade itself. A pendant shade made of clear or frosted glass will provide much more light than a shade made of stained or colored glass. Knowing how bright the areas need to be with this style of fixture will guarantee success with the end result. The type of rod or chain typically used to suspend these lights come in a wide array of materials and colors to complement your home design. This style of light fixture is perfect for a variety of applications. They can be used in dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms, or bathrooms.

In Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Used around a dining table, the fixtures should be located directly above the dining table with a chain or rod length of no more than 28 to 30 inches above your table. This ensures that guests seated at the table have adequate lighting to see their food as well as the other guests at the table without glare or lighting that is too dim. Also, an ideal choice for kitchen islands, these fixtures can be installed in a row to provide adequate lighting for the entire island. Height guidelines are the same as hanging above a dining room table.

In Hallways or Foyers

Used in a hallway, these fixtures will create beautiful patterns of light and shadow. The best choice here is to use a shade that will direct illumination downward. To achieve the desired effect a good rule of thumb is to have the lowest point of the light no more than eight feet above the ground, ceiling height permitting. Ensure that the bottom of the fixture will not interfere with the operation of any doors located in the hallway or foyer.

In Larger Rooms

Used as ambient light in a large room such as a great room, recreational area, living room, or bedroom, pendant lights should be installed high enough to be walked under safely. Most lights with a rod will a minimum of 24 inches that can be cut to accommodate a lower ceiling. By choosing a light with a shade that projects the light toward the ceiling, illumination is cast upward to avoid harsh glare and shadows. This type of lighting is easily complemented with table and floor lamps.

In the Bathroom

This type of fixture is just as attractive and effective in bathrooms as the standard flush mounted or ceiling mounted light, but provide a great deal of beauty and ambience for the space. Choose a fixture that has an upward facing shade that can be placed high enough to safely walk below. Use a clear or lightly frosted shade to direct light across the ceiling.

As Task Lighting

Used as task lighting this choice can be very effective. Use a smaller shade that is either frosted or colored and with a downward directing shade. This will provide a concentrated area of light for illuminating a study desktop or work space in the kitchen. If using this type of lighting in a kitchen work area it is essential that the lights themselves will not interfere with the function of cabinet doors.

This is only a very small example of the choices, versatility and functionality that can be found in this style of lighting for the home. The effects and ambiance that can be created is only limited by the imagination and creativity of the homeowner.